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City Government

Many officials serve the City, spending countless hours of work, sacrificing time with families and friends, bringing a broad spectrum of experiences to their job. Look below see what each official's job is and about the person who holds the office at the present time.



The Mayor holds an elected position for the term of four years, and draws a salary of $3,500 per year. The Mayor is the "CEO" of the city and is required to see that laws and ordinances are executed. The Mayor presides over council meetings and usually does not vote unless a tie occurs; the Mayor also has the power to veto ordinances which create liability against the city or that expend funds. The Mayor is the administrative supervisor of all non-elected officers and employees. State law also mandates that the Mayor be the local liquor control commissioner.

thelma_blaney Mayor: Thelma Blaney
612 Front St., PO Box 108
Villa Grove, IL 61956 - 0108
Phone (217) 832-4721
Fax (217) 832-4900

Lives at 7 S Pine St, was elected in April 2009. Her current term ends April 2013.


The position of alderman is also elected, and pays $100 per meeting (or approximately $2,400 per year). The Council of six aldermen is the legislative body of the City, and is responsible for creating and/or changing local ordinances. The Council also assesses taxes and spends the resulting tax dollars where needed.

The City is now required to have three "wards", with two elected representatives from each area. While each alderman serves a four year term, those terms are staggered, allowing an election of one alderman per ward every two years.

The current aldermen are listed below, with the date of his or her initial election/appointment to the Council and his/her end of term. You may contact any of the aldermen at home, or by email at city.hall@villagrove.org

In addition to serving his/her respective wards, each alderman is also appointed to specific committees. These small groups of aldermen oversee specific operations of the City government and departments.


Ward I

mike_akers Alderman: Mike Akers
Lives at 402 North Pine Street, was elected in April 2005, and reelected in April 2009. His current term ends April 2013. When Mr. Akers is not working as a Paramedic Supervisor for Arrow Carle Ambulance, he enjoys working in his yard, camping and spending time with his wife Kim and his sons.
stan_miller Alderman: Stan Miller
Lives at 13 North Main Street, he was elected in April 2007, and reelected in 2011. His current term ends 2015. 
Mr. Miller owns Pop's Village Ice Cream Shoppe. In his spare time, Mr. Miller enjoys spending time with his wife Pam, children and grandchildren.

Ward II

Terry Harbin Alderman: Terry Harbin 
Lives at 114 Hickory Lane, was elected in 2003. His current term ends April 2013. Mr. Harbin is retired and is an avid fisherman in his spare time.
ronhunt Alderman: Ronald Hunt
Lives at 212 East Elm Street, was elected in April 2011. Ron Hunt held the office of Mayor from April 1993 to April 2009, and was previously an Alderman of Ward II. His current term will end in April, 2015. Ron Hunt retired from the University of Illinois in 1999 and in his spare time enjoys traveling with wife Becky.

Ward III

 robert_stipp Alderman: Robert Stipp
 Lives at 401 S Spruce St. Was elected in April 2011. His current term ends April 2015
 loiswilson Alderman: Lois Wilson  
Lives at 501 South Spruce Street, was appointed in March 2007. Was voted in April. Her current term ends April 2009. In her spare time, Ms. Wilson enjoys sewing, spending time with her husband Jerry, children, grandchildren and taking care of her great niece.

Office Manager: Jacki Athey

jacki_atheyThe Treasurer is considered the custodian of all municipal funds, and keeps records of cash accounts, investments and bonds as required by law. She reports monthly on the financial status of the City to the Council, and prepares an annual report for the Douglas County Clerk, Douglas County Collector and State Comptroller. She holds an appointed position for the term of four years, and receives the same salary as the City Clerk.

Jacki Athey has currently held the office of Treasurer since April 2005. She was re-elected in 2009, and her current term will end in April, 2013. Ms. Athey previously held the office of Treasurer for nearly eight years before becoming Comptroller in 2001. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her children, reading and creating webpages. You can email her at jacqualine.athey@villagrove.org

Clerk: Brandy Hopkins

brandy_hopkinsThe Clerk has multiple tasks, the most important being responsible for attending and recording all activity of the Council, as a journal or "minutes". She also keeps the corporate seal of the City, and certifies the passage and publication of ordinances as well as other public documents. She holds an elected position for the term of four years, and is paid a fixed amount of $225 per month plus $112.50 for each special (non-regular) Council meeting requiring her attendance.

One duty specific to the clerk is the role of local election authority. In this capacity, she issues and receives all petitions to run for City office, and certifies the names of candidates to appear on local election ballots to the Douglas County Clerk's office.

Brandy Hopkins has held the office of City Clerk since January 2005. She was re-elected in 2009, and her current term will end in April, 2013. Ms. Hopkins has worked full-time at City Hall as an Office Clerk since 2003. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family. She lives at 411 South Spruce, or you can email her at brandy.hopkins@villagrove.org

City Attorney

The City Attorney handles all legal matters for the City. As a member of the Illinois Municipal League, the City is also represented by various attorneys in matters of public liability on an as needed basis.

For specific information about our attorneys please contact City Hall. ~

Police Department

Chief of Police is Dennis Gire....For non emergency, call: (217)832-2521

Secretary is Beth Elston ..........For non emergency, call: (217)832-2521

Fire Department......................For non emergency, call: (217)832-8500



City Collector

The office of City Collector is also appointed, usually for a one-year term and to an employee of City Hall (where most funds of the municipality are collected). The main responsibility of this official is to receive any municipal revenues other than taxes and remit them to the treasurer.

The office of Collector is currently vacant. 



The Comptroller duties are specifically defined by state statute, which includes the general supervision over all officers responsible for the collection and disbursement of revenues, and the custody and control of all municipal documents, books and papers. This official holds an appointed position for the term of four years, and will most likely be an employee of City Hall (as there is no additional salary for this office).

The office of Comptroller is currently vacant. 


Budget Officer

The Budget Officer does the obvious--she compiles information necessary to prepare the annual budget ordinance, which is the legal spending document for the City. She is also responsible for tracking departmental spending throughout the year, in order to make or recommend changes as needed. This office is appointed on an annual basis, and again is a City Hall employee to eliminate the need for a designated salary for the position.

Jacki Athey has been Budget Officer since 2001, after assisting in that capacity for three years. Ms. Athey also works full-time in City Hall as the office manager.
You can email her at Jacqualine.Athey@villagrove.org.


Building Inspector

The office of Building Inspector is appointed on an annual basis. This position has an hourly pay of minimum wage. The main responsibility of this official is to review and approve applications for any structural changes to property in the City. It is also necessary that he be aware of state and federal regulations, especially concerning properties in flood plains.

Mike Leon is the current Building Inspector, and is also active as the chairman of the Planning and Zoning Board.
You can email him at City.Hall@villagrove.org or call (217)417-0255


Park Board    Approved in May 2011

This committee helps the Public Works Department keep up with the beautification of the parks. Current members are listed here:

Cheryl Marlatt, Chair
106 Magnolia Drive
Villa Grove, Illinois 61956-1616
Jodi Vandeventer
215 Matteson Drive
Villa Grove, Illinois 61956-1632
Don Prather
303 East Walnut Street
Villa Grove, Illinois 61956-1240
Jack Cannon
208 West Vine Street
Villa Grove, Illinois 61863-1036
Kim Akers
402 North Pine Street
Villa Grove, Illinois 61956-1002
Jim Mikeworth
24 Beech Lane
Villa Grove, Illinois 61956-1641
Deena Reed, Advisory member
Nancy Hausman, Advisory member
Jeff Holmes, Advisory member
Christine VonLanken, Advisory member